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Restore don’t replace.

It saves time, money and the environment all at once.

Restore 350 by 230

  1. Damaged wood can be made good, and resistant to further attack by rot and insects using a combination of CPES and Fill-It
  2. After removal of any badly decayed timber
  3. Application of Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer seals the grain of the timber from ingress of moisture whilst stabilising it and resisting further attack by rot
  4. Application of Fill-It filler leaves a stable repair
  5. This can easily be sanded back to shape
  6. The resulting repair is structurally sound and resistant to further attack

MakeWoodGood sell repair kits containing both CPES and Fill-It at a discount to purchasing them separately.

Colouring kits are also available if required to match the colour of the filler to the underlying timber.

Rotten Window Restoration

We have an article pictorially demonstrating just how a badly rotted a wooden window can be repaired with this system.