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MultiWoodPrime Penetrating Epoxy Wood Sealer is the perfect primer for varnish or paint finishes. Make exterior varnish last with the trick used on wooden boats – prime the wood with Smiths MultiWoodPrime Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) first.

MultiWoodPrime – Clear Penetrating Epoxy Wood Sealer is a thin epoxy that penetrates deeply into the surface of wood and completely seals abnormal porosity. It seals wood from water ingress yet leaves a microporous finish that allows wood to breathe, and will chemically bond your top coat of paint or varnish to the timber. This can significantly increase the life of your topcoat. If you are using it internally – you may not need a topcoat at all.

Smiths MultiWoodPrime Wood Sealer

  • chemically bonds to the structure of the wood, made largely from natural wood resin
  • chemically bonds the top coat of paint or varnish to the timber
  • simply the best wood primer there is as it chemically bonds paint to the top layers of wood fibres
  • as flexible as the wood itself
  • allows the wood to breathe
  • seals porosity and stabilises wood
  • resists rot and decay
  • reduces maintenance costs dramatically


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Priming Wood for Varnish or Paint with MultiWoodPrime

This product is so good as a primer that it is marketed as MultiWoodPrime in America for that single purpose.

permanent varnish finish on boat

Christian, pictured above on Taurus, achieved a 16 year life from the varnish finish on his boat in sunny climates. Smiths MultiWoodPrime Penetrating Epoxy Wood Sealer was the primer that gave the epifanes varnish that long life.

We have published an ongoing durability test of Epifanes over CPES in the UK along with full instructions of how to do it when we restored our wooden house sign.

varnished wood after 18 months exposure to the UK

Interior timber protected just with MultiWoodPrime Wood Sealer

It is perfectly possible to use just MultiWoodPrime to achieve a beautiful finish and perfectly sealed wood if it’s exposure to UV light will be minimal.

The doors below have been treated with just one coat of Smiths CPES, MultiWoodPrime, and nothing else. They are:

  • Stain proof
  • Water proof
  • Beautiful – with wonderfully enhanced grain
  • Interior use only – they have very limited resistance to UV light

Click here for the full story of how to seal and protect interior timber from water and staining.

finished protected and sealed interior doors

MultiWoodPrime Temperature variations

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer CPES working and curing times

MultiWoodPrime Penetrating Epoxy Sealer is provided in two temperature variants, a Cold and a Warm weather formula. Only the solvent blends differ between the two. There is a good overlap of temperatures where you can use either to prime new wood prior to applying varnish or paint. See here for more information on whether to use Warm or Cold CPES.

Sealing Wooden Worktops

Oils are traditionally used to seal Wooden worktops. This is a finish that requires regular replenishment, and offers limited durability. Failures occur:

  • Around water, as insufficient protection is offered by the oil, and the worktop starts to rot
  • Cosmetic failures caused by staining or contamination of the wooden surface during use

Smiths clear penetrating epoxy sealer seals wooden worksurfaces very effectively. The indoor environment with little UV light ensures the finish lasts well. Retreatment is typically needed every two years. It protects excellently against water ingress, and edges around sinks and tap holes can be very thoroughly treated to ensure that rot does not start there.

Full details of how to obtain a consistent natural wood matt finish are in this article.

It should be noted that Smiths CPES is not tested and approved for food preparation surfaces. As such we would not recommend it be used on direct food preparation surfaces such as chopping boards etc.

Restoring and Sealing Wooden Hot Tubs

Use Smiths CPES to restore Cedar hot tubs that have started to rot.

Add significant durability to wooden hot tubs by treating them with MultiWoodPrime prior to commissioning them. This will significantly reduce the moisture levels in the timber, and thus prolong it’s life.


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Cold, Warm


0.95 Litre – 2 US Pint, 1.9 Litre – 2 US Quart, 7.6 Litre – 2 US Gallons, 38 Litres – 10 US Gallons


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