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Product Reviews

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Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) Reviews

Fill-It Waterproof Flexible Epoxy Filler Reviews

Oak And Teak Permanent Waterproof Epoxy Glue Reviews

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Guitar Maker March 2015: Product Review – Oak & Teak Epoxy

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MakeWoodGood Product Reviews For CPES and Oak and Teak Epoxy

Reviews from our Customers

 by Iain Saunders on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Good Products

I have been using the epoxy glue for oak worktops and am very happy with it. It is easy to work with and the results are excellent. Using marine grade materials is reassuring for exterior work and I am looking forward to using other Smith & Co products.

 by Matt on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Awesome product

I have used this since the 1990s for restoration.
Clear Penetrating Epoxy.
Always excellent results. Museum quality.

 by Walton Woodworks, Inc on Make Wood Good Ltd.
2 part epoxy

We have been using Smith & Co 2 part epoxy for over 25 years.
It is the only epoxy we use on our wood products.

 by Lynda Colley on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Excellent product

This was my second order of Epoxy Wood Glue.
I placed my first order in 2022 after starting to restore and repair antique clocks.
Some of the clock cases are in a very poor condition, but the epoxy wood glue does an amazing job and goes a really long way. I only purchased the 10ml filled syringe and it lasted ages, I have just purchased my 2nd 10ml filled syringe.
I would definitely recommend this product.

Thanks for that Lynda - they last a bit better than they might as they are 25ml not 10 but you are clearly a very careful mixer and user. Glad you like the product, Steve

 by Jonathan on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Best product and best support

I’ve ordered twice and been using products past year, both pre and post order I have received excellent support and advice on use of products- and very fast responses. I could not be more pleased with the service and most importantly the end results.

 by Liam Boyle on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Excellent help

I rang Make Wood Good to ask about ordering some CPES. Steve could not have been more helpful. He added the Isle of Man to the list of shipping addresses and withing minutes was able to order what I needed. Thanks a lot Steve, really appreciate it and the CPES has done an excellent job on my wood project. First class service.

 by Mindaugas on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Brembo Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair Kit

Low price, very good quality, fits nicely. Included silicone is nice touch to precision and really thoughtful about costumer.

 by Peter Allen on Make Wood Good Ltd.
CPES and Oak and Teak

Have recently used both products successfully, help was given freely when requested and next day delivery.

 by paul faulkner on Make Wood Good Ltd.

I used CPES on some oak and ash beams forming a pergola. The beams were from offcuts and many retained their wavy edge. There was varying degrees of soft rot so I anticipate this product will provide a good vevel of longevity. Initial results look very promising

 by Zabdi Keen on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Greenheart Oak pier beam - Oak & Teak Epoxy Glue and CPES - Epoxy Sealer

I used Oak & Teak Epoxy Glue to join a large split in an ancient greenhearrt oak pier beam I had milled into wood for a window seat - I used CPES Epoxy Sealer to seal the grain and prevent splinters. I was very happy with both and the advice and service from Make Wood Good.

 by Andrew on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Oak & Teak Epoxy Glue

This was an excellent product. It melded into the joint between mahogany and iroko and has made a good bond. As it was 7 C it was left for 3 days to make sure.

 by Bryn on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Wooden Window frames renewed

I have used this product before and found it incredible for restoring rotten wood. The Penetrating Epoxy Sealer really does penetrate the fibres of the wood and hardens the structure. This time I have used the Fill-it Epoxy Flexible wood filler as well and reconstructed the rotten parts of my window frames, including structural joints, and the repair is undetectable and really strong. Yes it is expensive, but really worth it as replacing wooden window frames costs a fortune.

 by John Wells on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Brembo clutch slave cylinder rebuild kit

Quick dispatch and delivery. Decent price, would recommend this seller.

 by Bob Corrie on Make Wood Good Ltd.
CPES - Epoxy Sealer

Mix it carefully to get the proportions right and it goes on new wood really easily with brush or roller. It penetrates and dries quickly. If inside, make sure your space is well ventilated as the solvent fumes are quite strong in quantity. We're using it to seal the edges and faces of marine ply prior to assembly and painting of miniature railway coaches that will be out in all weathers. It's not cheap but this should give the bodies a very long life and hence will be a good investment.

 by Jack Kelly on Make Wood Good Ltd.
ideal product

I am restoring a 60 year old wooden sailing dinghy which has been unused and exposed to the elements for 15 years. The mahogany planking was in poor condition and use of CPES is very simple and gives me confidence that the boat will soon be sailing again

 by John Jones on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Use of CPES and Flexible Filler on a model boat build

I'm in the process of building a model sailing sloop from a plan bought from and the designer strongly recommends both these products for strengthening and then waterproofing the hull. Not the usual use for these products, but they do an excellent job on both counts.

Will buy again when I've used up what I've still got. Highly recommended.

 by Robert Cuthbert on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Oak nad teak Epoxy

Very prompt service. Arrived by post within 48 hours of my order. Delighted that there was no prejudice against NI!
I have been using Oak & Teak epoxy for a few years now. I make Celtic harps. They require a reliable adhesive to secure several joints which are under intense pressure from the strings. Oak & Teak epoxy is always dependable. I find it best to weigh the A and B material rather than depend on volume measurement.
A great produce for advanced woodwork!

 by Phil Davies on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Outstanding service

The order was made on a Sunday - and despite the day I had an call from the company to check exactly what I needed. The product arrived on the Tuesday, Great service that you don’t always find from other companies.

 by Brandon on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Aprilia clutch cylinder seals

Had Aprilia motorcycle gaskets in stock when no one else did! Shipping to the US took around 2 weeks. The clutch feels as good as new 🙂

 by Paul Anderson on Make Wood Good Ltd.
Aprilia Specialist, who also does a bit of wood preservation

Bought the clutch slave pack for my 20 yrs old aprilia, quick delivery and a very comprehensive instructions and some interesting hints and tips online.
Sadly I had to upgrade my complete slave but the returns were no quibble.
Highly recommended

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