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Mixing Fill-It Epoxy Filler for Use below the waterline

Most failures in epoxy fillers result in the improper mixing of the two components, which results in a non watertight repair. The following instructions detail how to ensure you obtain a fully watertight filler by thoroughly mixing the two components of Fill-It. This is essential if you wish to use your epoxy filler for use below the waterline.

small fill-it instructions 355

Measure Fill-It Epoxy Filler

Measure out equal volumes of Part A and Part B, sufficient to the task at hand.  1ml fills a volume of 1cc, or one cubic centimetre. 1cu inch is 15 cubic centimetres, ml or cc’s. There is no shrinkage. use two separate tools to remove part A and Part B from their containers, unless the entire volume of the container is to be used at once!

For estimation purposes our packages contain the following amounts:

Package MilliLitres (cc) Cubic Inches
12 US Fl Oz 355 22
2 US Pint 950 58
1 US gallon 3785 231

measure fill-it epoxy filler

I like to mix by weight, the ratios are 92 parts A to 100 parts B by weight.

Mix the Filler

Mix the two-components on a flat surface, using a paint scraper, stiff-bladed putty knife or other similar tool.  Use a smear-scrape-fold motion, scraping clean both the mixing surface and the tools occasionally.


Add colourant, and Mix the Epoxy Filler Again

black pigment mix epoxy filler for use below the waterline

When thoroughly mixed, sprinkle a small amount of the Black Powder Pigment on the mixed material.

add colourant to fill-it waterproof epoxy filler

Mix again, observing that dark grey streaks rapidly develop in the filler.

Mix the filler till streaks disappear

Continue mixing until the entire mass is a very light grey in colour, and entirely uniform in colour with no streaks or imperfections.

mixed fill-it flexible epoxy filler

MakeWoodGood will supply an amount of black pigment upon request if Fill-It is to be used below the waterline for this purpose.

Add more colourant, and Mix the Filler Again

Now sprinkle about twice as much black powder pigment on the mixed material and repeat the above procedure.

The filler, if uniform in colour, is now ready to use, and the thorough mixing will ensure that it remains watertight and you have fill-it epoxy filler for use below the waterline.